View Full Version : Beta Wanted for 57K YA Romatic Paranormal

10-28-2010, 10:28 AM
Okay, so I haven't exactly figured out what genre my story fits into... It's got a bit of everything in it, romance, coming of age-ish type stuff, a hint of paranormal....

Anyways, A Stiff Kiss is completed at approx 57K. It's been read through by me about a dozen times; the first 40K has been beta read twice and edited further, waiting on the last 17K to get back from the beta's. So I am looking for someone right now to read the first 40K and then a short time later the following 17K.

Here's a little synopsis (still in the working to make it better phase)

For a girl who’s seen it all when it comes to dead bodies, Xylia wastes no time taking one last peek at her high school crush who’s just been pronounced dead. But Xylia, who’s been to the morgue a dozen times discovers more than just the soccer stiff. Her curious nature pulls her towards the body and the last ditch effort to do one thing she’s always dreamed of. Kiss the guy who’s over looked her since the third grade. The icy cold one sided kiss does more than make Xylia realize she might be a little bit crazy, it starts the heart of the supposed dead soccer player.

When Landon is sick of being a medical phenomenon he decides to find out who the green eyed, black haired girl of his dreams is. When he discovers Xylia as the one behind his dreams he wants to know why and what she has to do with his awakening.

What Landon doesn’t realize is that life comes at a cost; that he wasn’t meant to come back and now has seriously upset the balance between life and death. When Landon is taken out of reality and thrown into a kind of purgatory he is given life and death’s hardest choice, give back his life or let someone else die in his place. But the messengers are cruel and not only do they want him to choose, they want him to choose between his life or Xylia’s.

When Landon chooses to give up his life so Xylia can live, he begs for a chance to say goodbye. Landon’s cheated death once and hopes that even if he can’t do it again Xylia will at least know that she was loved. Its death that brought them together and will ultimately tear them apart unless love really does conquer all and Landon can cheat death twice.