View Full Version : Looking for writers for a new women's online Magazine

10-27-2010, 10:20 PM
I have recently started a magazine called Geek Chic. Its for souls like me, who are *not* your typical girl, but who believe in unique beauty and being yourself and loving yourself, who are smart, sexy, sassy, stylish in our own way.... Because truly, most fashion/style/beauty sites are geared towards, you know, the mainstream idea of who we should be as women, what we should look like, act like, think like, etc! Mainstream media does not say its ok to be yourself and that it is beautiful! Geek Chic means that girls and women like me, not tall, not mainstream gorgeous (but beautiful anyway!), who may have to watch what she eats, struggle to stay in shape, may not be totally graceful but quite awkward, who is a bit offbeat (ok maybe a lot offbeat!), creative, sparkley, have her own style, maybe feel like a bit of an outcast or oddball but absolutely AMAZING in her own right...deserves to feel beautiful in her own skin, no matter what that skin is!
I would like to find some regular contributors to the site, that would like to be a part of having this grow from the bottom up.
This is, at this point a voluntary position, but please be committed to what we stand for, and please grow with us cause you never know where it could go!
I want this to really grow. But I can't do it alone! If you love to write, if this is something you believe in (unique beauty!) and you would like to inspire other women and especially young women who are struggling to find their own beauty in this insane society that say you must be tall, thin, have long flowing hair and much boobage, then please send me a PM, let me know what kind of features you would like to write, what ideas you have, and we will go from there!!! If you peek at the site, you will see the areas we don't really have writers for yet.
I hope one or two of you will feel as excited about this as I do. I think this is something that is really needed out there!
the site can be seen at http://www.geekchiconline.com/ (http://geekchiconline.com)