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10-23-2010, 09:46 AM
I am looking for a beta-reader for a WIP. Right now it is 29,971 words and growing quite well.

So, here is what I am looking for:

Feedback: I do not want to hear "Wow, this is awesome!" and that be the end of that. Rather, I appreciate the ones that can point out the good and also roll out the bad. While I can take harsh criticism by the gallons, I prefer not to; try to keep it balanced if you can, thanks.

Publishing: I do want it to be a book, so I think that means traditional publishing; I'm not so sure. But I do know that it is not going into a magazine or going to become an article anytime soon.

Credentials: Must be knowledgeable about fantasy works. I'm not looking specifically for someone who has a whole published and successful novel under their belt. But, that would be awesome! xD

Mentors are welcome; I am not looking for a partner on this piece of work.

About the WIP:

Title: The Blackest Noir
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: NR
Summary-Description: When the benign guise of a Prophet leads a whole nation astray; when the King is seduced into darkness and the Steward knows not what he is, one man's world is torn down in a matter of hours. From the greatness of being Grandmaster to the Kingdom of Illustia to the ragged state of being an outcast in his homeland, one man, Rolland Jé’Ildor Alekzandyr, strives to prove that there is no such thing as Destiny; there is only choice and consequence: suffer such indignities to overthrow his King for the better of Illustia--no--the whole world.

The Blackest Noir is a story about sedition and prejudice; change and denial; love, sex, war, die-hard friendships, magic and atomic rayguns. Set in what starts out as a medieval setting, it develops with a focus on character told from the perspective of Rolland and Asagio. Once the plot-gears start grinding, The Blackest Noir becomes difficult to put down.

Chapters Posted: Right now, 1 through 4, although as I progress I will not be posting the chapters separately, so keeping track of the last page that you were on is a good idea.

What I Need Help On: Anything that can be found. I know I have distinct grammar issues, but I do not want those to be addressed right at this moment. Also that the format is a little spacy... Well other than those two things, if there is anything that you can find, then that's what I need to work on, obviously xD

Editing: I am EXTREMELY paranoid about people editing the content. So, I request instead that people make comments where they see fit using MS word's comment feature, that way I can better assimilate what should be and what aught not have been.

Length: ... So far... 90+ pages (93 right this moment)

Turn Around Time: I work evenings. And I'm up all night and home all day--on most days except monday and thursday. So if someone wanted to get in touch with me, it can be done with little wait time in between. But I am aware that other people have more active lives than mine. I would like for a Beta-reader to be finished with The Blackest Noir, as it stands right now, in about two, two and a half weeks. I think that's enough time to get through it and write down what you want while going along.

If that's too little time, please let me know and we can work something out :D

Additional Hooblah: I appreciate contact by email (Shirokirie@gmail.com) and that is also my Windows Live Messenger address.

The prose can be found here (http://cid-5cce14734bc0cc53.office.live.com/browse.aspx/.Public) for download.

After you've commented it up, I ask that you please just email/send it back to me so that I can sit and give your thoughts a good mulling-over~

Thank you!


Also.. If you'd drop by and say hello--I mean if you're interested and all that--I'd like that too. Beta-reader-ninjas are kind of... scary. D: