View Full Version : Beta Reader Needed YA Urban Fantasy

10-21-2010, 06:19 AM
Hi guys!

I am looking for a Beta Reader for my upper YA Urban Fantasy (it has a slight dystopian slant). Someone to make comments on pacing, character development, plot issues, etc. I like brutal honesty, it's how I learn and improve.

Below is a description. If anyone is interested, please just PM so we can discuss/trade samples of our work. Thanks for reading!

Never get caught. Don't attract attention. Don’t trust anyone. Not even your own family.
These are the rules Kennedy Scott has lived her life by. Until now, they’ve kept her safe in a world that is anything but.
Living in Eden, the city built over a destroyed San Francisco, the 16 year-old is a Class B; a human born with paranormal abilities. In Kennedy's case, the ability to see and speak to the ghosts of murder victims.
But power doesn’t come without a price: robbed of their rights, Class B’s are hunted down by the Alliance, a tyrannical group that governs New America. Imprisoned and drugged into submission, their unique powers are exploited for the good of the country and the safety of the "normal" Class A’s.
Contacted by the ghost of a young mother, Kennedy is thrust into the path of Gray Bell, a weather manipulator who's searching for the woman’s missing Class B children. As a member of the Underground, a rebel group working against the Alliance, it's his job to find the kids before the government does.
Sparks—and lightning—fly as prickly Kennedy and mission-driven Gray form a reluctant partnership. Together, they make their way through Eden’s underbelly in search of human traffickers who deal in the paranormal, a pack of less-than-friendly shape-shifters, a drug ring that sells extracts of emotions, and finally into the city’s forbidden zone, the Black.
Kennedy knows she’s putting her freedom on the line. But with time running out for the missing children and the Alliance hot on the trail, there's no turning back.
Even if it means getting caught.