View Full Version : Original Fiction story needs a Beta!

09-30-2010, 08:25 PM
So I've got this story that's in need of a beta reader. First off, I'm an advanced English writer, but since English is not my mother language, I might slip some grammar mistakes into the story, so someone with a good grip on grammar would be very much appreciated. Also, I'm not sure of how appealing the story might appear -meaning that, yes, I'd appreciate some honest feedback on what I'm doing right and wrong as well as tips on how I could improve such things to make the story better.

Story Details: I will be playing with angst, mystery and romance in an original fiction universe, with an added touch of mystery. The main characters are an arranged couple who struggle with love in times of war. The story, however, is incomplete, and it'll probably take a while between chapter and chapter... but it will be novel-length, I guess.

Interested? Let me know! Thanks a lot in advance!