View Full Version : Mentor for Paranormal Romance (novella)

09-28-2010, 09:43 PM
I wrote a 27K parnormal romance novella. I would like to improve it greatly though, and bulk it up too. I need help on pretty much everything, but my main concern is if it is interesting and if the story flows well without confusion.


Charlene is in love with a man she met online, and he is in love with her...the inner her. He has no idea she is holding a secret about her previous life, the life she lived before she had committed suicide.

God had cast her back to earth to live out her sins in demon form during her lonely and dreadful nights. Now she must save the condemned souls from committing the same thing she did one year ago or she will never see her family from her previous life again. There is only thing that will break the curse put upon her--to find her soulmate.

Looking for a mentor, but would take a beta too as long the novel isn't too long. Email me if interested: Lmc71775@yahoo.com