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Kyla Laufreyson
09-26-2010, 05:33 AM

I'm looking for a beta/critique partner for my current WIP. It's a queer YA fantasy I started last month and am about 20,000 words into. I need someone who will point out problems specifically with characterisation, over-usage of the same words, and pacing. Here's the gist of the story:

Meera joins the Yume no Sekai, known to many as the Circus of the Damned, because it is his only remaining option after the murder he committed. He allows himself to be bound to Deimos, owner of the circus, a pattern of roses and thorns burned into his neck. His first night performing, he sees Lacrimosa--a secretive ballet dancer. Immediately he is intrigued by the young man and becomes determined to get to know him.

However, simply becoming acquainted with Lacrimosa becomes the least of his problems. He soon finds out that Deimos feeds on the pain of his performers, raising the question of it being tied to him for centuries is worth the freedom it is meant to bring in the end.

There's not much more I can say without giving away parts I haven't even written about yet (because the outline does not count). If interested, please PM me.

For those people who are worried about taking on newbies for fear that they'll vanish into thin air, I can promise I won't do that. I love hanging out in places like this, and I've been posting as frequently as possible. I've also taken on three beta projects of my own, so yes...I'm here for keeps.

Arianna S. :)