View Full Version : Desiring a beta reader for fantasy adventure tale

09-22-2010, 11:19 PM
The Katkan: A Journey Never Ends is a young adult/adult fantasy novel. The manuscript is complete at about 65,000 words.

Here's a synopsis:

The weather is changing in a remote village, hidden within the whimsical woodlands, but only Jade of the Katkan can sense the mysterious happening. Her sleep is being invaded by odd occurrences that are unexplainable to her, being such a naive young'n. Voices seem to emanate from places they shouldn't. Jade knows a major development is brewing. When her fears become reality, disastrously learning of the evil world beyond her walls, an inconceivable journey begins.

Repeatedly told that she is a special child, she is cast on an adventure across treacherous lands with terrifying and wicked creatures in hopes of reaching The Kingdom. She is not alone however. Along with a few assisting objects, AuRee, a hand-sized creature known as a Treeden, sits atop her shoulder guiding her with insights and encouragement. Before the two are overwhelmed, a new being named Croyle heroically reveals himself. He is of human descent and Jade and AuRee have no other choice but to accept his help even with mystery and uncertainty encompassing him.

Bonding together, these three characters travel on a long and arduous quest, hoping to overcome incredible odds, menacing beasts, and rotten revelations. Jade learns: nothing is as it seems.

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