View Full Version : Looking for a Mentor

09-21-2010, 06:56 PM
Hi, I'm looking for a mentor, I'm a 15 year old writer, currently writing my first novel. I'm pretty inexperienced and would appreciate any help offered. I would need someone to go over my work and show me how I can improve it, (give detailed critiques). Obviously you can't teach me how to write, but I'm sure you can help me learn the important crafts. I need help mostly with describing scenes and making it easier for the reader to imagine it.

Obviously its best if you actually enjoy what I write and have an interest in the story/plot or at least the genre of my writing, so If you aren't interested in the following, then you may not enjoy helping me out.

It is an epic/adventure fantasy novel. Some things it covers are:

-Importance of having goals in life. (Dreams)
-Making moral decisions and acting on it. (Revenge & Sacrifice)

It is a really well planned out novel, (I think) with a great backstory behind it. If you are interested in mentoring me for this novel, please send me a PM, I'll go into the details of the plot and the actual storyline from there. If you aren't sure and just want to see the plot of the story to see if it interests you, thats also fine. Send me a PM.