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09-10-2010, 06:33 AM
Hi, all...
I would love to have one or two writing partners, preferably in their teens, who can crit in chapters. I'm working on my first serious novel (well, the first one actually realistically finish-able). It's only at the 10k stage because I scrapped it all, but still.

Also, I've been wanting to do a sort of joint-blog where we post a short story each once a week or so. This has been done a lot in single-person blogs but there aren't (that I've noticed) a lot of joint ones.

Comment or PM if you're interested and we can set-up a sort of tryout, I guess, to see if we click. Trade short stories and see.

I am no good at this whole awkward thing. Le sigh.

09-13-2010, 03:31 PM
Hello Silver,

I'm not quite a teen, but I'm a teen at heart. I primarily read and write YA, and I'm still actively engaged in television and cartoons aimed at the teenage audience ;)

Doing chapter by chapter critique, or reading short stories at a time, would be perfect for me. I've started up school again recently and three days out of the week are pretty much sapped away by course work. However, Thursday to Sunday I am absolutely free.

I'm willing to read your work without you reading mine, if it comes to that. What I write usually has varying flavors of LGBT themes, and I realize that's not for everyone. It's all clean for the most part, no more than what you might expect from YA in terms of mentions of sex, violence, drugs, and alcohol, but it's better to ere on the side of caution and put that warning out there from the start :P

I'm available consistently on MSN, and even more consistently on a chat room I maintain for my role play group. If you're interested in trying me out, shoot me a PM and I'll provide whatever contact information you desire.