View Full Version : BETA needed for YA romantic suspense/urban fantasy/paranormal romance

09-10-2010, 05:48 AM
sorry about the genre. Depending who you ask its one of those. I'm shopping it to agents in all, or will be. Anyways its Dawn of the Dead meets Twilight. Looking for a fast beta who is good with grammar and punctunation. Need some honest feedback. Here's the query running through QLH now.

As a recently graduated young woman Alex is ready for changes. But instead of college she is dealt mythical creatures, driving through puddles of blood and a love deeper than anything she has ever known.

When eighteen-year-old Alexandra Chance awakens to a bloodstained city she hopes it is a nightmare. But after watching zombies eat a church congregation she is given a hard dose of reality. With an appetite for flesh, zombies and harpies have reduced her world to body parts. After a harpy attack she meets Tristan, created along with the other fiends as a vampire-in-hiding gone horribly right. Fearing Tristan is hiding something deadly, Alex starts a journey with him, the only help to have survived so far, looking for help that may already be lost. Alex and Tristan stay one step ahead of monsters that will do anything to make a meal of them. But with a harpy at every turn Alex discovers her talent is killing them. While being an executioner is a rush, the real pleasure is in her growing feelings for Tristan, even though she fears what his secret may be. But when a friend from Tristanís past wants revenge for leaving him for dead, Alex must choose between love and a fate worse than death.