View Full Version : Beta's/Critiquers needed for Urban Fantasy

09-07-2010, 02:45 PM
I'm looking for a few people to read through my UF novel, currently titled Barrier.

I'm not after a line-by-line critique or anything to harsh, I just would like some opinions on what works, what doesn't, what needs improving, etc. before I start with the next round of editing.

I've done some editing already so it flows better than what it did, but it is far from "polished".
It's currently about 50 000 words, but I'm hoping it will hit the 80 000 mark by the time I'm finished.

It wasn't intended to be young adult but I'm sarting to think it might be, so any thoughts on that would be appreciated too.

Here's a bit of a summary.

Katie is a young Reader, able to read the energies around her and so powerful she has the ability to shape shift.

Reuben is half demon, half Absorber. The energies around him affect him in ways they shouldn’t, making it a constant struggle for him to keep the darkness inside him from taking him over.

When the Barrier blocking the portal between the mortal realm and the Darklands, the demon world, begins to falter, Katie’s uncle, Robert, reopens Oakfield Academy in hopes of protecting the magical kids in the area from the demons who would destroy the mortal realm, and keeping Reuben from losing control and becoming their most dangerous enemy.


If anyone's interested, please PM me.