View Full Version : Seattle-area Crit Circle?

08-26-2010, 02:48 AM
I'm curious if anyone knows of any good beta/crit groups in the Seattle area. I'm hoping to find one that meets both online and offline. I think in-person discussion about a story can be valuable, but sometimes online can be the quicker way to get through a big blob of beta-reading. Even if most of the critting happens online, having the option to meet in person over coffee as a group every so often would be valuable.

I do belong to an offline-only group already, but it meets at most once every two weeks and you can only have one chapter of a longer work in the crit-pile at a time. Which is great to ensure everyone in the group gets a turn, but can make going through a whole novel slow-going! (Probably why the best successes with critting in that group have been with short stories or novellas.)

If there isn't such a thing already, I may end up starting one down the road. :)