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08-20-2010, 01:35 AM
I'm looking to trade YA manuscripts with a willing victim partner.

My manuscript is about 53K. I'd be happy to switch with someone who has a contemporary YA MS roughly the same size...

Here's the skinny on my manuscript:

Half Dead and Fully Broken

Carter Colby is the most unpopular teen at Trudeau High. This would be easier to deal with if his identical twin brother, Marcus, weren't the hottest, most popular boy in school. Sharing a face with Mr. I-can-do-anything-better-than-you, Mr. Helpful, Mr. Reliable, Mr. Freaking Wonderful---it's not as easy as it sounds. When Marcus is killed in a motorcycle accident, Carter discovers there are things even harder to deal with than trying to compete with Mr. Wonderful...and thatís sharing a face with a dead Mr. Wonderful. Nobody wants to see Carter now that heís walking around with Marcusís face. He felt invisible before the accident, but with Marcus dead he sees everybody turn away from him in mourning. But how can he blame them, he can't even bear to look in the mirror anymore.

But Marcus has a plan. Even dead, he's still up for saving the world and spreading happiness. Carter begins to see Marcus's ghost and Marcus has a few magic tricks up his sleeve to share with his brother. But there's a reason for his presence. Marcus knows that Justin Dewar, the boy who drove the truck that crashed into his motorbike when Marcus ran a red light, is struggling with the guilt of taking a life. Marcusís plan is to put everything right before it's too late and all is lost. But he needs Carter to help him...he needs to use Carter's body to bring his plan into action. It may sound hard, but it really isnít. He just has to slither inside and take the helm of his brotherís body. Once inside, the two become the superhero Carter once dreamed of being as a child.

With Marcus's help, Carter experiences love and friendship for the first time in his life. Marcus, even in death, has the power to do the right thing. He brings Carter together with Melanie, his mourning girlfriend, and Justin, the boy who drove the truck that plowed into his motorbike. The three are all broken after the accident, but with Marcus's help they may just be saved. It's a race to save the distraught Justin, though. With Marcus's help, Carter and Melanie set out to do just that. And along the journey to saving Justin, they might even inadvertently save themselves.


09-02-2010, 11:54 AM
If this is still up for beta-reading, I'd love to do it ASAP. School starts for me on Wednesday, but I reckon I can tear through this before then, if you're willing to do it fast. I don't have an MS to trade, but I would love to read this. Send me a PM or whatever and I'll rep you with my e-mail address if you're still up for this. (I saw that this was posted a while ago.) Stuff you should probably know about me: I do line-by-line shredding, but I'm pretty gentle (i.e. I can see both good and bad), commenting as I go along.

09-02-2010, 10:42 PM
Oops! Sorry for not responding earlier. I forgot to subscribe to the thread and missed your post. Thank you for the offer...I have, however, already received a Beta on this project. I appreciate the offer, though. (-:

Thank you,