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08-17-2010, 02:38 PM
Writing Beta Appreciated Please

My interests are varied.

I have a completed novella womens adventure story.

I have a nonfiction help book, almost completed with the full first draft (though most sections have been through multiple drafts). At almost 80,000 words now, it is the closest to full length of any items I have completed, or even started.

I also have another two womens adventure hopefully full novels started.

I do write some short stories, one should be published in October.

I sometimes just need someone to talk to ideas about.

One of the most difficult things for me: What looks complete is really only an outline. Remembering that just because five words are clear to me, most people will need double or triple that to get the same meaning. I really tend to write skeletal, and need someone who can point out the sections that are just not developed enough.

Another difficult part is determining which genre something actually belongs to.

I tend to read non-fiction - science, history, some biography.

I also read the classics, some science fiction, and the Harry Potter and The Golden Compass series.

In mysteries - I prefer Trixie Belden type - actual adventures - no murders.

I don't read much action, I prefer to get to know the characters, and understand their thought processes and why they think the way they do.