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09-13-2005, 12:28 PM
Soon the work of various poets will be featured on Argospier's Poets in Residence forum. Please contact Argo Spier ([email protected]) if you would be interested in being invited as a 'poet in residence'. A page will be made for you and you will profit from the publicity we are making to promote the forum. All poetry of the 'poets in residence' will be copyrighted in the name of the various 'guest poets' themselves. It might be 'old' work (real poetry is never old by the way) or it might be newer unpublished work. (It is a misconception with many that poems featured on the internet are considered 'published' by publishers. So don't be wary that this kind of bla is in the play. If your work is good I will promote it!)

We all can benefit from this section of my webspace. So plse contact me if you want to be considered to be invited.

Check it out = http://users.skynet.be/spier/oeuvrefanclub.htm (http://users.skynet.be/spier/oeuvrefanclub.htm)

Argo Spier