View Full Version : YA fantasy WIP - need a mentor/reader

08-11-2010, 11:49 PM
I'm working on a fantasy novel set in modern day - It is a rewrite from my previous attempt which was set in a different world/time. This rewrite seems to be going along well and I've submitted the first few chapters to SYW. I have a good story in my head, so I don't really want a writing partner that writes with me...but I'd really like a mentor type person to read along as I "finish" chapters and just kinda keep me grounded/focused and maybe give me a kick in the butt when I get stuck. I'm generally very good with grammar - sometimes getting bogged down with too much passive voice though. So some editing might be asked of you, just when you see something obvious (that I don't).

Here's the general plot:

Emiste L' Marque was raised in the country; her father died when she was 8. Her whole life she's had these mental black-outs, and always ends up in weird places. During one such black-out when she is 18, she "awakens" to a murder scene. Fearing that she is responsible, she flees to NYC where she encounters Argo - a young Shifter (Shephet). Shephet are one of the two immortal races that live among humans, unknown to most. She begins a journey, during which she discovers secrets of her own past and must struggle with the inner darkness that comes with being a half-breed (she is Shephet/human). She encounters and falls in love Roshni - a Guardian (Juastet). Guardians are the pure of heart immortals. It all comes to a head when Emiste learns of an ancient prophecy and must make a choice, in the process sealing her fate. Will she give in to the shadows that taint her blood and revel in the darkness or will she choose love?

Any takers? Right now the rewrite is at 3.4k words and working.