View Full Version : Scarring question...liver area

08-11-2010, 04:28 AM
Okay, my MC has been shot by an automatic weapon in his R side, his liver was nicked and a lung. He was in a jungle area of Africa, but not so remote that they couldn't get to him and get him to medical treatment; he survived it. He's about 32 yrs old.

I have him recovered (physically at least) in 6 months time, when the story opens: but what would the scarring be like? I visualize it as a twisted kind of scar, pinkish in color by this time? Ropey-looking? Or would it be whiter, or even still more reddish in about 6 mos healing time?

His love-interest examines him (for another injury) & notes the scar. As a medical pro (an NP) what would might she think about this scar? It only says 'gunshot wound or GW' on his record. BTW, he also has asthma - would a nicked/healed lung exacerbate that?

Thanks so much.