View Full Version : Urban Fantasy (first five chapters) beta exchange

08-07-2010, 04:58 AM

I'm trying again to get a beta...let me introduce my novel a bit so maybe I can strike a little more interest than the casual glance.

The story is an urban fantasy/comedy. The novel takes place towards the end of the world as two men (Antichrist/Heaven's Champion) come to understand their roles and then embark on the final exodus across the United States towards the battle ground, Hays County, Kansas. This is a novel that discuss destiny, fate, love, religion, and forgiveness. Though it takes place at the end of the world, this is not a typical end of the world novel. In fact, I wrote it because I hate all end of the world novels and wanted, to an extent, make fun of them. But out of that desire, I tapped into something that I believe some of you out there would find fun and entertaining.

I am willing to return favors--but right now I'm looking for first 50 page offers. I read yours, you read mine.

Thanks for stopping by!