View Full Version : Reader wanted for romance short story.

K. Taylor
08-03-2010, 10:51 PM
Hi, I'm looking for a reader for my contemporary romance short story.

Word count is 8218 words. Content has a couple sex scenes and a few swear words.

I would like a fairly quick turnaround - not a month or more, please. Looking for a general opinion. Typos bug me, so I try to not have any before I send it out.

It's Christmas Eve and Jennifer is spending it alone for the first time. Her husband died months ago and her mother and sister can't make it up the mountain because of a sudden blizzard. Enter Will, whose car got stuck in the snow and needs shelter. Chatting soon leads to a spark, a kiss, and a night of passion. Will is gone in the morning, but he left a note with his number. By New Year's Eve, Jen gets up the guts to call him and invites him to her mother's party. The spark is still there and they don't make it out of the apartment before tossing their clothes aside and reconnecting. Jen finally gets him out the door to the party, where her mother and sister are oh so curious about her date. Luckily for Will, they don't give Jen too hard a time, though her sister notices Jen is missing an earring. Will says he'll help her find it at his place, even if it takes a second visit. "Think of it as a date with an earring bonus."

Contact me here or by PM.