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07-21-2010, 12:49 AM
I have my doubts as to if Adam was really the first man created on earth, because the arithmetic of Adamís creation according to Enoch, the most beloved man of God who never tasted death did not add up. (Enoch, his life, and teachings will be discussed later on in the Chapter). According to Enochís prophesy a Messiah would come 5,500 years after Adamís death to free him and other lost souls from their chains in Hell. Enoch identified and described Jesus Christ 5,500 years before His coming. When asked, where He was going before His final ascension into heaven, Christ is cited as saying that He goes to other Kingdoms to free the souls of the dead. Christ ascended into Hell and freed Adam from his chains. So, I will gauge my findings on Enoch, the most beloved man of God.
According to Enoch, one of Godís days is equal to 1,000 years. Adam was created on the 6th day; so that means Adam was created sometime in the year of 6,000 BC. Adam died at the age of 934 which added to 6,000 is equal to 6,934. Now add the 5,500 years to 6,934 which equal 12,434 years-which is the estimated time of Christís death, resurrection, and descenion into Hell to free Adam. Now, add our present day of 2010 and your total is 14,444-give or take a few years.
This number, 14,444, I estimate to be the total age of civilized mankind.
Scientists have determined that the Neanderthal caveman inhabited the earth millions of years ago. Now, that is a big difference from the time Enoch and the Book of Genesis claim as the dates of the creation of the world and Adam.
Another difference between Adam and the Neanderthal caveman was that Adam was educated and could talk. According to the Book of Genesis, Adam named the animals and named God. The Neanderthal caveman was primitive and only grunted.
Also, there are some of those out there who think that man evolved from an ape which I highly disagree. I firmly believe that man was created in Godís image and God is not an ape which is further evidenced by the fact that angels of heaven gazed down upon the beauty of the earthly maidens. They descended to earth and took these maidens as their wives which angered God.
I do not think that the angels would have been attracted to a gorilla.
What do you think? It's just a question.

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