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08-27-2005, 07:48 AM
I've spent most of my evening playing online video games. www.neopets.com (http://www.neopets.com) is a good one.

If you don't waste your time playing video games, please list the things that do waste your time.

(If you like video games, don't send me to any good links. I have no will power at all.)


08-27-2005, 07:56 AM
I ponder.

08-27-2005, 07:59 AM
I don't waste time; I spend it.

( You can always get more money, but you can't get more time. )

08-27-2005, 08:12 AM
When I think I should be writing, I instead spend hours online in places such as this, thinking about writing.

08-27-2005, 08:30 AM
Aside from here, you mean?

I waste most of my time scaring myself s**tless reading ghost stories and such at places like Shadowlands and Obi-Wan's UFO-free Paranormal. It's a pastime, I guess. It's either that, or Roller Coaster Tycoon III or Guild Wars.


08-27-2005, 09:50 AM
I used to play Sims a lot. And of course, there's always TV, the great American time-waster.

08-27-2005, 09:26 PM
I read. Or go to my rock garden and see if any have moved since the last time I was there. Sometimes they have.

08-27-2005, 11:09 PM
Aside from here, you mean?
I was going to say...this place is where I waste most of my time...which I should be using for writing...

08-27-2005, 11:16 PM
I am positively addicted to Solitaire.

Have been for, I don't know, ten years or so. I play Vegas style, draw three, and I let it keep score. The highest I've ever got to (before a power outage that shut off the computer, since you can't save games on my version) was $6200. If only that were real money!

I think that playing such a simple game sometimes helps me to organize my thoughts (probably induces a trance-state) but I also know that I use it to procrastinate.

I've tried Spider and Freecell, but I found Spider too difficult to master, and Freecell way too easy.

Oh, Zuma is a neat game, too--very addictive!

08-28-2005, 12:25 AM
I read trashy celeb gossip. It's oh-so-addictive.

08-28-2005, 02:23 AM
Internet message boards, magazines and the fridge.

08-28-2005, 03:29 AM
I was going to say...this place is where I waste most of my time...which I should be using for writing...
Yep, me too- I also read when I'm not writing or editing or - here!

08-28-2005, 04:08 AM
http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/images/smilies/emoticonbanana.gifI waste a lot of good times in BARNES & NOBLE's and BEST BUY! http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/images/smilies/emoticonbanana.gif

08-28-2005, 05:39 AM

08-29-2005, 08:41 AM
(If you like video games, don't send me to any good links. I have no will power at all.)Melody

I share your affliction. Don't go here (http://www.snood.com/), here (http://www.freeciv.org/), or to the website on the "Cricket Fan?" thread (http://www.stickcricket.com/).

08-30-2005, 12:30 AM
I am the queen of rationalization. I have no problem convincing myself to log onto the net under the guise of research. Next thing I know..................It's time for bed. Can't write well when one is too sleepy right?

08-30-2005, 12:40 AM
Kingdom of Loathing http://www.kingdomofloathing.com . Horribly addictive, really REALLY silly and fun in weird way. :)

08-30-2005, 01:52 AM
I share your affliction. Don't go here (http://www.snood.com/), here (http://www.freeciv.org/), or to the website on the "Cricket Fan?" thread (http://www.stickcricket.com/).

Damn you :) I was a huge civilization junkie!

08-31-2005, 09:38 PM
I'm also a snood junkie. It fills the space that tetris left behind.

I'm also a huge fan of wordscram (http://www.billsgames.com/wordscram/). It gives you a random collection of letters and you type as many words as you can in 60 seconds. I like to convince myself that this is somehow connected to writing and creativity.

08-31-2005, 11:20 PM
All kinds of lovely things do their best to waste my time, like this:


three seven
08-31-2005, 11:22 PM
This (http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18109) is my favourite time-waster.

09-10-2005, 11:41 PM
but I love going to the hardware store.

10-07-2005, 11:47 AM
One to share with the kids (http://www.thewiggles.com.au/games/play.html)...

10-07-2005, 01:05 PM
mah jong and housework

10-07-2005, 09:43 PM
day dreaming.

10-07-2005, 09:53 PM
Eating chocolate, but it's sooooooo delicious.:)

10-07-2005, 10:15 PM
I don't waste time. Time wastes me.

Rob :)

September skies
10-08-2005, 09:57 AM
I used to be totally addicted to Spider Solitaire but I forced myself to play only an hour a day or night to "relax" -- I think it helped me too, just to settle in for the evening.

But since I found this place... <lol> ....this is how I relax now...... only I don't limit it to an hour. :Hammer:

And I love certain television shows. Friday nights I spend at Borders, listening to jazz, drinking coffee and browsing through all the competition.

September skies
10-08-2005, 09:58 AM
Eating chocolate, but it's sooooooo delicious.:)

I wouldn't call that wasting time. I call it a necessity!

10-08-2005, 10:21 PM
Reading through ten pages of an old AW thread that's come back to life. Boy, I missed some good ones.

10-08-2005, 10:28 PM
computer game (not the online type where you can lose real money) slots - I'm up to 85k and now I'm working on the 250k progressive machine. It's as pointless as computer solitare but I keep doing it!

10-09-2005, 12:00 AM
I now abstain from videogames, but that used to waste alot of my time.

Now I waste time by pacing around and muttering to myself, and posting on message boards.

Oh, and work is big time-waster as well. If it wasn't for work I would get alot more writing done.

William Haskins
10-09-2005, 12:01 AM

10-09-2005, 03:36 AM
Coming here is my worst addiction. Mainly because it's where I have to edit my work.

But when I'm not at the computer, I'm playing my old RPG Console games. At the moment I have Zelda: Ocarina of Time calling my name at the main TV and Zelda: A link to the Past in the playroom upstairs. I'm waiting till Kingdom Hearts II (or III if you count the Game Boy version) Before I totally start slacking off.