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Susan Gable
08-26-2005, 12:14 AM
B&N University is offering a free on-line class on writing romance:


http://educate.barnesandnoble.com/educate/bn/images/bnoverviewselected.gif (http://educate.barnesandnoble.com/educate/bn/home/catalog/overview.jsp?productId=19949)http://educate.barnesandnoble.com/educate/bn/images/bncontent.gif (http://educate.barnesandnoble.com/educate/bn/home/catalog/toc.jsp?productId=19949)http://educate.barnesandnoble.com/educate/bn/images/bnupcomingsessions.gif (http://educate.barnesandnoble.com/educate/bn/home/catalog/UpcomingSession.jsp?productId=19949)http://educate.barnesandnoble.com/educate/bn/images/bnmaterials.gif (http://educate.barnesandnoble.com/educate/bn/home/catalog/Materials.jsp?productId=19949)


Title: Writing Romance with Gotham Writers' Workshop
Course Type: Online Instructor-led Course
Estimated Completion Time: 24 hour(s)
Session Length: 4 week(s)

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http://educate.barnesandnoble.com/educate/bn/images/bnenrollnow.gif (http://educate.barnesandnoble.com/educate/bn/home/onetimepicksession.jsp)

Upcoming Sessions

September 6, 2005 - OPEN


All you need to enjoy this course is an interest in romance fiction.


The heart of any romance novel is people. A heroine to admire. A hero to adore. A supporting cast to help and hinder. But how do you give these characters the flesh, blood, and passion necessary to ignite a great love story? No one knows the answer better than Leigh Michaels, author of over 70 published romance novels. Through a combination of lectures, assigned readings, discussions, activities and writing exercises, Leigh will reveal ways to create characters who may become the beating heart of your own romance novel. This course, created for BNU by the acclaimed Gotham Writers' Workshop, will give you the confidence and inspiration needed to start writing romance.

Audience: This course is designed for anyone interested in writing romance fiction or learning more about this popular genre.


Understand what distinguishes romance from other forms of fiction.

Gain insight into the genre's many types and popularity.

Read works by a published romance author and see how she has used characters to tell compelling stories.

Learn the key characteristics that a romance heroine and hero must have.

Practice writing with emotional resonance.

Complete a profile for your own romance heroine and hero.

Understand how secondary characters are used to illuminate the hero and heroine and advance the love story.

Create secondary characters and write passages involving one of them and the main characters.

Learn how to plot and outline your own romance story.

Gain an insider's perspective on how a professional writer plots and writes a romance novel.

Begin writing your own romance novel.

Course Materials

Creating Romantic Characters: Bringing Life to Your Romance Novel

The Corporate Marriage Campaign (Harlequin Romance #3857)

Course Creator(s)


Gotham Writers' Workshop (http://educate.barnesandnoble.com/educate/bn/home/BiographyInformation.jsp?flag=false&personId=283)
Acclaimed as New York's leading creative writing school, Gotham Writers' Workshop offers comprehensive classes in all forms of writing in NYC and online at WritingClasses.com (http://www.writingclasses.com/cgi-bin/redirect.cgi?src=85&kw=bnuromance) (Forbes 'Best of the Web'). This Start Writing Romance course, created for BNU, enlists the teaching talents of Gotham faculty member and popular romance author Leigh Michaels.

I just thought someone here might be interested. I know nothing about the class. But hey, FREE is always good, right? :)

Susan G.

08-26-2005, 01:03 AM
Requires about $20 worth of course materials (2 books, looks like you can't really do the course without them)

08-30-2005, 07:04 PM
Susan, thanks for the info, I think I might take it!

btw, I put an opening bit of something I'm working on in SYW/romance -- if anyone here wants to take a peek and let me know what you think, I'd appreciate it. Not looking for an edit because if I get started editing I'll just keep re-writing the same things over and over (it's a real problem for me). Just wonder if it's a strong start. Thanks!