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08-25-2005, 11:46 PM
The object of this game is to create not just ANY character, but the MOST ATTRACTIVE character you can think of. ;) And at the end we can have a vote to see which character people think is the sexiest. :banana:

(I'm thinking about this because I'm involved in creating characters for a computer game where the goal of the game is to court/seduce one of the characters, so I need to come up with characters players will be attracted to. And while I know what I'm attracted to, obviously not all the players will like the same things as me, so I need to do some research and come up with the minimum number of characters such that there is at least one who will appeal to each type of player. o_O So if you all play this game, no only will you have fun, but I'll get some nice data on what kind of characters different people consider attractive! ;) )

Anyway, here are some choices to get you started but have fun, go wild! :D


- Male
- Female
- Androgynous

- Muscular
- Slender
- Plump

- Snow white
- Peaches and Cream
- Golden
- Red
- Blue
- Green
- Purple
- Brown
- Ebony
- with tattoos
- with stripes
- with spots
- with patches
- with a buckskin or siamese pattern

- color (see skin colors)
- length
- style

- animal ears/tail/wings/claws/horns
- glasses
- cybernetic implants and additions
- piercings
- clothing
- jewelry
- weapon


Some typical 'romantic traits':
- emotional wound
- physical illness
- mystical connection with nature/magic
- shy
- self-confident
- sad
- angry
- cheerful
- loves children
- is brilliant
- is clueless
- is the heir to something or other
- is a member of an exotic race/special bloodline
- has a unique magical or other type of power

Some Psychological Axes:
- Social Position (Leader, Follower, Switch, Loner)

- Social Orientation (Introverted, Extroverted)

- Serotonin Level (Optimist, Pessimist)

- Testosterone Level
- - Male: Brute, Alpha, Mama's Boy, Poof
- - Female: Butch, Alpha, Mothering, Fainting Lady

- Energy Level (Intense, Laid-back)

- Anticipation (Paranoid, Cautious, Easy-going, Reckless)

- Acting Ability (can't lie worth a darn, lies passably, professional actor/spy)

- Self-Esteem (High, Low)

- Self-Discipline (Hedonist, Ascetic)

- Attention (Attention-seeking, Attention-avoiding)

- Morality (Immoral, Amoral, Relativistic Morality, Absolute Morality)

- Base Emotion (Bored, Annoyed, Happy, Anxious, Content, Sad, Angry, Mischievious, Self-righteous, Stoic)

08-25-2005, 11:48 PM
In case this is confusing, I'll do one as an example.

A slender male with snow white skin with dark purple dapples. His eyes are gold, and his hair is ebony and goes down to his butt. Any hair style. His vestigial fleathered wings and tail (lizardlike and feathered at the tip like an archeopteryx's) are also ebony, with purple iridiscence.

He wears something black and concealing which is flowy and swishes dramatically. He might have one ear pierced or a necklace, but other than that no jewelry except on special occasions - he would only wear jewelry that had a meaning or purpose, such as a chain of office or a gift from someone who is now gone, which reminds him of that person. No weapon, he is not physically strong and prefers the subtlety of persuasion and blackmail over brute force.

He has an emotional wound (everybody is prejudiced against him because of his special race/bloodline and has mistreated and neglected him) and has responded by hiding his depression and loneliness beneath anger. He is extremely intelligent. Despite his rather feminine appearance his personality is masculine and agressive - this intensity of energy can be seen in the sharp angles of his face and especially his hard eyes which may be icy cold or burn with fury.

Since he is introverted but seeks the admiring attention of others, the social position which would be ideal for him is that of a wise advisor helping a king or other powerful person. But because of continued rejection he has become a loner. He is a very good liar and actor, eloquent and good at manipulating people's anger and fear because he understands anger and fear, although not so good at being charming or persuading people via more positive emotions.