View Full Version : Need beta for a coming of age, high fantasy for YA

anthony draco
05-14-2010, 02:33 PM
As topic says, it's high fantasy adventure for young adults. It has dragons, demons, divines and humans. The main character is a 16 year old boy who looks more like 13. The book will involve (and is just a part of) an epic quest.

I'm naming it 'The Tale of Lost Light.'

Here's a brief synopsis of it:

'The Worlds turn and the Great Fire is coming. Dragons stir, demons spread, and the Gears of the Worlds are in motion. The Lights, mysterious long-lost ancient artifacts created by the Gods, have surfaced once again in human history, and all the powers seek of control them. Among their midst, River, a little boy from his lazy life is driven by fate to seek a great jewel that could decide the fate of all. But what chance would he have? For all that have ever set out to challenge one of the greatest power that has prowled the land since the days of old, none has ever returned.'

But it's still a WIP, and I need a native speaker with reading or beta-reading or even published writing experience (any of those) who will accompany me on my journey until the end. It might take long, but I need your company only once a week. Less, if I must. And since it's a WIP, we can do it scene by scene. It's 53,000 words so far and that's only about a half of it, though.

I don't need a line by line critique, but I do need corrections because I'm not a native speaker. I'll also need rating and an honest opinion for each scenes, though. You can comment on anything, such as, but not limited to, the story, plot, characters, humors, plot holes, point of views, flows.

BTW, it has a little of homosexuality in it.

I'll send you three scenes if you want to try it out. Kindly tell me a little of yourself too, so we can work together more easily.

I'm on MS Word with track change function.