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08-23-2005, 12:50 AM
Anyone help me with some good URLs relating to USA trains/railroads c1860?

Cathy C
08-23-2005, 01:45 AM
Happy to, but you need to narrow it down a bit to a geographic area and whether you're interested in narrow or standard gauge railroads. Also, are you interested in railroad construction, or passenger/freight lines? Most lines at that time were regional, since the "Golden Spike" which created the first intercontinental railroad wasn't connected until 1869

08-23-2005, 03:57 AM
Aye, man, railroads were in their infancy in the 1860's. Regional lines were limited to specific areas. Even after the Trans-Continental Railroad was finished with the Golden Spike in '69, railroads were often a very local thing. Many areas in the US were not connected to railroads until a little later - also many towns were made or ruined by where the railroad ran.

08-23-2005, 05:09 AM
Since railroads played a part in the Civil War, check out these:


Do a google.com search for railroads & "Civil War." You'll find plenty of info.

08-25-2005, 05:49 PM
Thanks to everyone who has so far replied.

To Cathy C:
I am especially looking for info on the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad of 1860 and the trains that ran on it, what they were like in and outside.

Do you know where I could get info on Samuel Morse Felton, the MD of the railroad and who warned the Pinkertons about the attempted assassination of President Lincoln. I am especially interested in how he got that info.

I know that there is a controversy as to whether there was an assassination attempt but any info would be much appreciated

Cathy C
08-26-2005, 02:18 AM
Okay, that narrows it down a whole bunch! Try these sites:

http://www.mdhs.org The Maryland Historical Society has quite a bit of information on the President Street Station, which is supposedly where Lincoln was diverted that night on his way to the inaugeration.

You can probably also get some good information from the Wilmington chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. I'll bet they can turn you on to all sorts of data. Go here: http://wilmingtonnrhs.com/

You should also do a Google search for "Pennsylvania Railroad & Wilmington", which absorbed the PW&B in the 1870s.

You might also wander around a terrific site called "Railroad Data.com" They have links to any number of websites and books about such things. There are over 5,000 members and it grows every day. They're at: http://www.railroaddata.com

Good luck! :D

08-26-2005, 04:54 PM
Thanks Cathy.

Is the debate on whether there was an attempt on Lincoln's life at that time as hot as the JFK debate?

Do you know enough about the incident to give a considered view?

Cathy C
08-26-2005, 08:17 PM
No, I'm afraid I don't. But there was a discussion about the issue on the Maryland Historical Society page, and I'm sure there will be many opinions there! ;)

08-27-2005, 01:51 PM
Thanks, Cathy. I will follow that up.