View Full Version : Ask-the-Agent threads, past and future tenses

04-24-2010, 11:36 PM
We've been awfully fortunate to have a number of agents contribute their time and attention to answering questions over the years.

Let me first offer a HUGE thank-you to agent Jennifer Laughran. She's been tirelessly answering questions here since 2008 -- but she feels her AW Ask the Agent thread has finally run its course. Jennifer promises to still be around AW on other threads from time-to-time, and you should definitely check out her blog, which she's currently rebooting: http://literaticat.blogspot.com/ (http://literaticat.blogspot.com/) AND you can follow Jennifer on Twitter as @literaticat (http://twitter.com/literaticat)

Now to offer some good news alongside the sad, agent Kathleen Ortiz (http://www.lowensteinassociates.com/agent_2.html) has agreed to do her own take on Agents answering questions for AWers, starting in the middle of May; so be thinking up more good questions! Kathleen's blog is Neverending Page Turner (http://kortizzle.blogspot.com/) and she tweets as @KOrtizzle (http://twitter.com/KOrtizzle). So now y'all a chance to do your own research homework for the next couple of weeks.