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Cliff Face
04-09-2010, 11:28 AM
Well, the title says a lot. I have a 40k erotic novella about vampires that I think is about ready to make the rounds, but I wanted a fresh perspective on it. I don't need line edits - if I've made any typos or the grammar isn't perfect, I can deal with that on my own time and wouldn't want you (whoever is up for betaing) to spend hours going, "Oh, no, see you missed an e there. Right there! Look!"

What I want is simply someone (or multiple someones if I should be so lucky) to be familiar with erotica (even if it's just knowing what you like and what you don't like) and to give opinions of my writing. These opinions can be as detailed as you like. If you want to go through the whole file (MS Word file) and add little post-it-notes (that I know you CAN add, even though I don't know HOW...) detailing every little thought you have about every little detail, then all the more power to you. If you just want to write in notepad things like, "Chapter One - why all the green?" then so be it.

I do expect honesty, and I can take criticism, so please be honest. I would prefer a summary of your thoughts in relation to characterisation, plot, theme, imagery, and the sex scenes in particular (it is an erotica after all...) - feel free to refer to the text in as much detail as you'd like. So long as the format you use for getting notes back to me is clear and easy to use (whether it's easy to implement the ideas doesn't matter - that's my problem, not yours) I'll be happy as Larry (whoever that is).

I've used the American spelling in the MS. Just thought I'd mention it, because I am aiming at American publishers and agents, so why not use their spelling (even if they leave the u out of colour and use z too many times... :D) ? But remember, I'm not asking for notes on my spelling or grammar, so it's mostly a moot point anyway. Just rambling.

Okay, so for anyone who is still interested, I have to now say this:

This is 18+ material. The 2 MCs are lesbians. There's a scene with 2 guys being intimate. There are a few straight scenes also. There's blood and death (vampires, remember?) but not violent sex. Well, okay, in one scene there's violence directly AFTER sex, but the sex itself isn't violent.

So if you're still interested in helping me out with my 40k novella, PM me your email address and I'll send the file to you. If I don't know your user name, I might check with a mod first to see how old you are (only so far as asking, "Are they legal for this reason: blah" - I don't need an actual number).

Many thanks in advance. This is the first time I'll be handing my work over to someone I haven't met in real life, so I'm a bit afraid of harsh criticism and hate mail and death threats (or threats of suicide...) - but still, lay it all on me. No need to pussy-foot around your feelings.

And hi. :)

Cliff Face
04-13-2010, 05:23 AM
Got one beta.

Any other takers? PM me!