View Full Version : Beta for brainy zombie/tech thriller.

04-07-2010, 10:48 AM
Howdy. I'm looking for beta readers for my zombie/tech thriller, presently at 13k/100k~ words and comprehensively plotted and researched.

Though this narrative does revolve around the living dead, it has more brains (pun intended) than typical zombie fare, and is denser and more of a slipstream literary/sci-fi thriller in the vein of China Miéville or Neal Stephenson.

I'm looking for all levels of feedback--general, line editing, what have you. I'd be happy to beta for you in return, as long as your genre is within my experience range (sci-fi, epic fantasy, speculative, slipstream, literary, etc.). Check out my blog for examples of book reviews and the sort of feedback I can offer.

Please PM. Thanks!

ETA: MS contains graphic and frequent violence/gore and language, and occasional non-graphic sex.