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04-05-2010, 11:42 AM
I have StatCounter installed on mine, and I'm always very surprised at the amount of visitors I get. My books are out of print an dnot on sale anywhere, and yet on average 85 unique vistors a week. I really don't get, but I like it! Very few sites link to mine; AW is probably my only "advertisement". And still they come.
They come from all over the world. Here's today's report on where they come from:


30.40%, United States

19% UK

ONe each from various countries ranging from UAR, to Israel and Indoniesia, ALgeria, Peru, Mexico and several others.

And then I did some investigation. I wanted to know what key words they used to find the website.
I found the following: 37 people used my name as a keyword. But several people used other keywords: coconut oil and realted subjects, flood disaster in Guyana, and child prostitution.

So my advise is: on your website add pages of topics that have nothing to do with writing. Maybe something pretty rare. That way people will find you while looking for something else. It can't hurt.

(edited for brevity because the cut and paste from the website didn't work)

04-05-2010, 06:04 PM
Most of my Google traffic comes into my photo section. Mostly people looking for certain plants or animals, though my train photo is getting a fair number of hits (it's an old steam train). For anyone with photos, it's worth taking the time to write out a text description with exactly who or what is in the photo.

The people who come for the photos do stay and look around the rest of the site.