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Little Red Barn
03-23-2010, 04:44 AM


Purgies with published books:
Amarie (3Scape fr0mC@mPD@v1DWildFire RUn, Fall 2010, The GarG0y|3 in Th3 S3ine, 2011)
Blondchen (P0SS3SS, August, 2011, T3N, September 18, 2012)
Bluestone (H0W 2 Imp0Rt W$n3, An Insid3rs GU1d3, 2011 and 2012 WINNER and went to France!)
Branwyn (Ev3ry W!tch W@y but D3ad, Sep 2007, Teh Upsid3 of K@rm@, Sep 2009; Bl00d P00l, Dec 2009)
callalily61 (Forc3 of H@bit, Feb. 2011, seq. BaCk in tH3 H@biT, Feb.2012, Veil3D Thr3@T)
charmingbillie (W1d3 0P3N, t0R, Winter 2012)
CheekyWench (D3vil in a R3d Kilt, Fall 2010, T3h 3lectrifying 3xploits of the English ThrEe out in Jan 2011, L0nd0n's C@lling June 2012 LyrIc@l Pr3ss)
Dawn Schaefer (L@rkst0rm, Dec 2011)
dragonfly45 (Ch@In of C0mm@nd, Jan8, 2013, Trade, June 2013)
Elisabetta (Teh S3cond Duch3ss, March 1 2011) (April 3rd,2012, Th3 F|0W3R R3AD3R, P3Ngu|n NaL)
eveningstar(TH3 N1GhT C1R(U$, Sept. 2011)
Firedrake (St0|3n SUmM3R, Aug, 29, 2012, 0ri0n Ri$ing, 19th March 2012, Lord of Endersley )
GJB (S0uTh of BurnT R0cK$)
GoblinGirl (N!ghtshad3 C!ty, Nov 2010, B!llycan, Oct 2011)
GregB (M0b Rul3s, Sep 2010, novella, R3tributi0n, Fall 2010)
HappyCamper (Ev3r, Aft3r H@pp!ly, Summer 2011 - B3f0r3 3V3R AfT3r, Aug 2nd 2012)
Irysangel (G3ntl3m3n Pr3f3r Succub! and Succub! lik3 it H0t, My F@ir $uccubi, December 28, 2010)
Justme (H0w T0 D@te @ We3wolf April 2011)
Kasey Mackenzie (R3d H0t Fury,2010, July 2011 Gr33n-3yed Envy)
Little Red Barn (th3 UnBr3Akb\e Ch!ld 2009,2010,2012)
lwalker (Fr0nT P@ge F@Tal!ty , Henert Press Jan 29 2012)
NIYRAK ( IMM0RT@l BegiNNings, May 2012 Whit3 BIrd Publication, ALIST@IR3)
oneida (P0sS$Um $uMm3r Spring 2011)
OL (R0ck Pap3r T!g3r, Spring/Summer 2010, & S0H0 Early 2012 (G3T@W@Y, plus both books releasing in UK with H@rp3rC0llin$)
phoenix (3v3nf@ll P3nguin / B3erkley Feb 2011)
Mythica (My ANg3L F1R3, Mar 2011, sequel WiNG$ oF W1Ck3d, 2012 )
RedScylla (coming April 2012, L@st Will)
Rosie Cotton (Th3 DArK L1Ght, S1M0n PU1se, Fall 2012)
sammy (Tail of the Devil, Eirelander Publishing)
suki (P3r$onal 3ff3CTS, Candlewick, Fall 2012)
Tasmin21 (A D3vil in teh D3tails, July 6, 2010, A $H0T in Teh DaRk, SUmm3r 2011, A W0lf @t th3 DOor due out Aug 2012)
Teriann (G1rl Fr0m Tarpaper Sch00l, Abrams 2012)
timp67 (Teh B0y Wh0 H0wl3d, Fall 2010)
triceretops (Gat3 Walk3r, The Wofen Strain: Planet Janitor: The War Gate)
Vandal (DiZzy Mi$$ Lizzi3, December 2011, G0od G0lly Mi$s M0lly)
xiaotien (Silv3r Pho3nix, 2009, Silv3r & Fury 0f th3 Ph0enix 3/29/11 Diverse 3nergies anthology,Tu B00ks)

Purgies with books scheduled for publication:
Blondchen (3:59 Balzer + Bray, Fall 2013)
charmingbillie (DE3P D0Wn from T0r, 2013)
cheekywench ( )
Dragonfly45 (Chain of ComM@nd Stairw@Y Pr3ss, 2013)
Dragonstar ( R3LICS, Crescent Moon Press 5/1/13)
Elisabetta ( The R3d Li1y Crown, Penguin/NAL, first half of 2014)
houndrat (M1La 2.O, March, 2013 )
JennW (S3c0nd V3rs3, Lum|n|$ B0oks, 2013)
JoNightshade C0urt|ng Gr3ta, June 18, 2013)
mikeland (WE, Coffeetown Press, Sept. 2013)
moonfairee (The S-W0rd, Gall3ry B00ks)
NIYAK (IMm0RT@L W@RRI0rR$ coming out 12-12-12)
Other Lisa (H0Ur OF THE R@t, S0h0 Cr|m3, June 18 2013)
Rick (The Trid3nt Deception, St, M@rtin's Press, Winter 2013/14, Book 2 (Working title - Purgy Pandemonium), Winter 2014/15)
sammy (S0rr0w's P0!nt, Cr3sc3nt M0on Pr3$s in 2013)
triceratops (Plan3 Janit0r—Cust0dian of teh St@rs, Teh Lupu$ $tr@in)
Vandal ( Th3 C3Nt3rP0Int, 2013 )

Purgies on sub or about to go on sub:
Dee Soul
ink wench
raburrel -(literary thrillers masquerading as love stories)
Sweet Tea
Teriann (adult mainstream)
triceretops (Dian3 Nin3 and teh Fusi0n Machin3, D!sp0ssessed Inc0rp0rat3d)

Purgies on the hunt:
AliasOctavia (Writes literary fiction. Publicity/Marketing Manager for an online literary magazine)
Ghost Writer
Haupe (blogging for Writ3r Unb0xed the third Monday of each month. Canadian, working on a contemporary romance)
Leanan-Sidhe (writes YA fantasy)
Maui Author
Parametric (Publishing Student)
Shveta (querying)

Purgy Definations:
Query and Conquer!
I am allowed to write utter poo.
Sweet cartwheeling Jesus! ( a connectible idiom for purgies, donated by sunna's bro. )
/bootay shake = xiaotien’s signature encouragement
*vamp dust* = Purgatory’s good-luck charm (it works!)
HOT SMOOCH = exactly what you think it means
Q = Query
R = Rejection
RQ = Revenge Query, which you send to a different agent immediately after an R
PRQ = Pre emptive Revenge Query, which you send when you have a feeling your latest Q is about to get Rd.
SNI - Shiny New Idea (usually hits when you're in the middle of a WIP)
Pork Chop / Pock Chop / Sorry, mike = warning that you're about to say something risqué
Fruitcake = warning that you're about to make a potentially risque religious joke
Nicorn – Purgatory term for Speshul Snowflake
Suck Lime Green Donkey Balls / LGDB = what Rs of any stripe do, but especially form Rs on requested material
Faux-Suckitude Doldrums = the slump we all get into when we're stuck or when we've gotten a bunch of Rs. "Faux" being the key: we do NOT suck!
The Rat Rule: No teasing unless you are repping

12-16-2013, 09:28 AM
I'm fairly new, so forgive my ignorance. This is a list of author who were active in The Query Hell and subsequently found a publisher/agent?

Calla Lily
12-16-2013, 04:36 PM
No, not completely. This is a list of people who at one time posted frequently in the "No News is No News Purgatory" long-running threads. It hasn't been updated in a few years. I'm going to unsticky it and let it sink now.