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08-16-2005, 11:33 PM
I am on the planning committee for a new online award specifically for alternative erotic romance (categories mm, ff and pansexual). The idea is to give recognition to the best writers of erotic romance in categories other than standard boy-girl (including but not limited to gay, lesbian, transgender, menage, kink, BDSM, cross-dressing etc -- anything transgressive, alternative or unusual considered)

We will shortly be opening the website for nominations of books published in 2005. A short list will be determined by popular vote and winners in each category decided by judging panel. The award is going to be called 'the Fruity' and the whole thing will be run online and very e-publisher friendly. Prizes will be promotion in participating e-zines and review sites and trophies.

Before the site goes live I am looking for tips and volunteers in two areas.
1) Review sites or ezines that might be interested in becoming affiliates and giving some extra promotion to winners in one or more categories in return for reciprocal links and recognition of staff as expert judges. We are looking for 1-3 major affiliate sites and particularly seeking zines or sites with a lesbian focus.
3) General volunteers to help get this thing up and running, hunt down prizes, develop graphics, refine the rules and procedures, count votes etc etc. We really do need writers/readers/enthusiasts with a knowledge of ff (lesbian) fiction (need not be lesbian, or even female).

If you are interested of have any ideas to share please PM or email me at veinglory @gmail.com

Cathy C
08-17-2005, 12:00 AM
There are two good ones (ff/mm erotica awards) that you might want to visit to model your awards after:

Lambda Literary Foundation's LAMMY Awards (http://https://w1216.securedweb.net/Lambdalit/lammy.html)
Gaylactic Spectrum Award (http://http://www.spectrumawards.org/2005.htm)

Good luck!