View Full Version : Looking for writing partner - inspiration, ideas and butt-kicking!

03-21-2010, 03:12 AM
Iím looking for a writing partner (or fellow novelist-wannabe) who is willing to chat a couple evenings a week about our WIPs, to bounce ideas off of (my cats arenít particularly responsive :P), and to help each other work through the dreaded ďbut what happens NEXT?Ē moments.

Iím not very far into my WIP, and Iíd prefer to work with someone who is around the same place, so as not to have a too out-of-balance relationship.

Iím comfortable reading mystery, romance, historical, and some sci-fi, if itís not too focused on science and technical stuff. I donít really care for fantasy.

The premise of my novel is this:

The United States of America is no more. Freedom is a distant memory in a country where fear and mistrust are fueled by a powerful secret police agency whose only purpose is to maintain the iron grip of the totalitarian government. After moving back to Boston, Lia Taylor is inspired by her freethinking uncle to join the Resistance, a network of freedom fighters determined to see democracy restored. But her goals and her very life are threatened as her heart is divided between two men with radically different ideologies. They launch her into a dangerous war game where she struggles to retain her integrity while her life hangs in the balance.Send me a PM if you are interested.