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08-15-2005, 06:19 AM
for me to step out. I have decided, after much agonizing, to self or POD publish my MS. Sooooooo, who's got the advice?

The best bargain for the features offered.


08-16-2005, 01:47 AM
I have researched quite a few pod companies and I honestly think Diggory Press is the best of the bunch for prices and sheer niceness of people to work with. They have really gone the extra mile for me and have not taken advantage of me when they could have done!!! Quite a few little things they did for me for free which they did not need to do.

Their package compared to Lulu's is much better, (particularly their prices for ISBN numbers and fulfilment services which is what counts in the long run - they are also much more flexible for discounts) and their copy prices are low for pod. They also do hardback, colour and other sizes that Lulu do not do. They are in England like me, but I note that for their USA customers they print and ship from the USA and charge in dollars.
www.diggorypress.com (http://www.diggorypress.com)

08-16-2005, 02:17 AM
ps. I know a lot of people here give pod companies a bad rap, and you guys do have some valid points about its problems. However they are a lot of benefits to pod - not least for authors without much money.

Publishing is now affordable for nearly everyone, whereas a few years ago it was not. Very soon, any author with limited means can get in print and start to make money.

There is a little bit of snobbery around I think about pod. Yes, in an ideal world we'd get a huge publishing deal with a 'proper' publisher, or failing that print stacks of litho copies at the much lower unit price than pod and quickly get rid of them and be in profit a week later....but we are not in an ideal world. Many self-publishers I know who have printed litho still have stacks of books all over their houses (in the attic, in the spare bedroom, the garage, the basement and even in the toilet) and have failed to make any profit...despite years of time and effort they are still 'in the red' financially and it is soul destroying and I bet they all wish they'd gone pod.