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03-06-2010, 03:40 AM
I am trying to recall the title of a geography book I used in 4th grade, back around 1957. All I remember is that it was based on traveling to various parts of the world and learning about people in each of those places.

First was a plane or boat trip from New York City to Belem in Brazil,
then a trip up the Amazon to Manaus.

Next stage was the Belgian Congo (this was 1957).
Then the book took us to Lake Chad.

The next part of the journey was a long tip north to
Hammerfest, Norway. From there we flew halfway around
the world to Canton, China. Then on to Australia, and finally
back to the U.S.

Does anyone remember a 4th geography book like this?


03-06-2010, 10:43 AM
I don't remember this book because I definitely was not born yet. :) But, I do come across a lot of vintage children's books and grammar school books, so I might can help.

Do you know if it was a school-issued textbook? If so, it's likely to have "Grade 4" or "Geography" on the cover.

Was it illustrated or text-only? Do you know about how long it was? It will be much easier to find if you know how the seller would categorize it (i.e. reading book or textbook).

I am also assuming that is was hardcover.
Was it part of a series?
Most books as you describe it are titled "Around the World..." or something of that nature. There are a lot of "Around the World in 1,000 Pictures" and "People of the World" books, if that helps any.

I love how you remember all the places that are in the book. I'm that way with the science (solar systems and the universe) books I read when I was a kid. That reminds me, I want to find some of them to read again.

03-06-2010, 06:42 PM
Our school had a series of books - I think the fourth grade one had a reddish cover and the sixth or seventh grade book was blue. My memory of the 4th grade book was chapters on the Belgian Congo, the Andes in Peru, I think Baffin Island and I can't remember much more. If that sounds like the one you remember, pm me because I have a copy of it that I can dig out if it's the one you're after. This book was already old in 1954, but it was probably one of my favorite school books ever (our first introduction to social sciences.) Puma

03-07-2010, 06:48 AM
Do you know if it was a school-issued textbook?

Thanks for your response. Yes, it was a school issued textbook.

Was it illustrated or text-only?

It was mainly text, but it had black and white photographs,
maps and illustrations.

Do you know about how long it was?.

Roughly 200 pages; hardcover. Not part of a series as best I recall.

Thanks again, Alvah