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03-03-2010, 07:45 AM
How Writers Do It (http://bit.ly/bPPYLq)...Free books AND fun every Thursday in March. Come play along and win!

It’s a contest AND educational. See how we roll? Welcome to a 4-week blog series in which nine (9) writers give their views on nine (9) different writing process guides. We will discuss a different topic every Thursday, exploring advice offered by writers from Stephen King to Donald Maass, in addition to giving insights into our individual writing processes. Plus, each week I will give away a book to one lucky winner.

See my site for more details.

How the Writers Do It: Part One (http://bit.ly/dkt7hh) - 9 writers blogging about 9 writing guides, plus you can win books.
These are seriously some amazing entries for these writers. Read them. :-)