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02-25-2010, 11:49 PM
Yeah... so, I have one agent sitting on a full. I queried her back in Oct. 09. I didn't know terribly much about her at the time, other than the type of fiction she liked, which seemed like a fit for mine, so I sent her my stuff.

Then... FF two months... I find her blog! And she's awesome! And I totally love her! So I send her a follow-up after two months, a little earlier than my usual follow-up, because I am over-eager. She is super-apologetic and says she'll get to my ms right away. Of course, I immediately feel guilty for rushing her/not-wanting-more-rejection-right-away, and tell her I will of course let her know if I get another offer.

Then... FF two MORE months... OF COURSE no more offers because I got a little distracted and took a break from querying this ms. And no news from her. So at four months I send another follow-up, just to check in.

Then... FF one more month. No response, no news. Am I done? Has this awesome lady moved on to bigger and better things? Should I email her again; if so, when?

I am figuring this is probably a big fat NO. But I keep looking at her blog and thinking... wow... she's so NICE. And shiny. And publishes cool books that I want to buy... and why won't she just reject me already??!

Calla Lily
02-26-2010, 12:11 AM
Yep. Move on. Keep querying. If she's really buried and just hasn't gotten to it yet, you'll hear from her eventually. If she's a "no response means no" agent (which would be icky on a full), then she's already responded.


Send the puppy out again!

02-26-2010, 12:31 AM
Well two things in this situation are for certain:

1. Bugging her for more updates will get you nowhere
2. Dwelling over this will get you nowhere.

Should you give up that itty bitty bit of hope in the back of your mind? Of course not. Should you wait any longer to hear from her before plowing forward? Most certainly not.

And think about it this way: If you trug on and get an offer from someone else (even if they're not an agent you love quite as much as her) it gives you an "in" to email her and let her know you have another offer waiting. Snap snap.

At that point I'd imagine you'd probably get your answer. If she hasn't read your MS yet she'll be more motivated. But if she's decided to pass (which is very possible) you'll get that loud and clear (either in the form of a rejection, or still no answer... which is pretty darn clear enough when it comes down to "now or never").

Good luck though!!! If you got one request for a full - from a GREAT agent - then imagine the possibilities!!! :)

02-26-2010, 03:44 AM
Gah, you all are so encouraging!! I think I need to hang out on this forum more often.

So... thank you! I am going to try my best not to think about it. Send out at least ten or twenty more queries just to get my *ss moving. And stop reading her blog.

(Seriously, its like I develop agent-lust whenever I start looking at their blogs. Why do they all have to sound so charming? And knowledgeable? Can't they just be totally snippy or obnoxious, so I won't care about a reject?

But anyway. I digress.)

You guys are awesome!! Thanks again!