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Mystic Blossom
02-25-2010, 09:40 PM
...and at the same time, makes me feel like a complete ass. Today I got rejected by my school's student magazine. Printed once a year, only students can submit, and only current students review and decide who gets in.

I know I shouldn't complain. I've gotten published before, in other magazines (decent ones, too), and God knows I've been rejected more times than I could possibly count (that's why Duotrope does it for me), but when you realize that you've gotten rejected because your peers don't like your stuff, there's just something about it that puts you down a little bit.

And maybe the fact that I've been sick since Tuesday night and haven't had a decent meal since then have something to do with my current down-ness, but I'm sad. So I just wanted to share my sad. This is usually a good place to do it.

02-25-2010, 10:03 PM
I've already got the kettle on for the hot tea you need. Very Cherry Berry to True Blueberry? I can also come up with a light lunch your tummy will accept. And a few, "Poor, poor baby" utterances if they help--if you can even hear them over the DVD we'll watch. You pick what movie, preferably something happy and/or trashy.

But in the end, it's just a rejection from a not-all-that-prestigious press. Have some tea, lick your wounds, and move on, right?

Maryn, mothering everybody who tolerates it

02-25-2010, 10:05 PM
[Deleted a double posting--unless you want two cups of tea and to watch two movies.]

Mystic Blossom
02-25-2010, 10:10 PM
Aw, thanks <3 I'm feeling much better physically than I was yesterday (where everything ached so much I didn't leave the couch all day), and I'm leaving work in an hour, so I'll be treating myself to my favorite sandwich place on the way home to celebrate being able to leave the house. That'll help force my brain to put things in solid perspective.

02-25-2010, 10:58 PM
Here's the other thing to remember - rejections aren't personal. It's not necessarily that your peers don't like your stuff, either.

It may be that they'd already accepted something that was too much like yours, or that this particular piece was not a good thematic fit with all the other pieces, or that stylistically it didn't mesh well. There are a ton of reasons writing gets rejected--a rejection certainly does not mean the writing sucks and/or no one likes your stuff.

02-26-2010, 04:33 AM
Just remember that YOU weren't rejected at all. Only one piece of your writing was rejected.

Writing gets rejected for two reasons; 1. The person who rejects it just doesn't like it enough to buy it. 2. The person who rejects it may love it, but doesn't believe it's a good fit for the magazine.

You'll receive a lot more rejections in the future. We all will, if we're writing and submitting as much as we should. But there will be more sales in the future, as well, if we're writing and submitting as much as we should.

02-26-2010, 04:43 AM
I'm currently editing my school's literary mag right now (and was also rejected by it last year, too). I can tell you, at least from my experience so far, that there were maybe only two stories that no one really liked. We made a lot of our rejections based on budgeting issues. The school is only giving us so much money and the printing costs are crazy, so we can't afford to put everything in the mag. The other cuts we made were because of either the content, formatting, or lack of a complete arc.

So don't beat yourself up over it. Keep writing and submit again.