View Full Version : Seeking Beta for 2 Fantasy Short Stories

02-14-2010, 10:05 PM
I've reached the point of "I know this needs to be better, but I'm not sure how" on two fantasy stories at once, and I'm looking for anyone willing to read through one (or both!) and give me an honest opinion. I can take brutality in direct proportion to detail on what's wrong.

"Birth" is 3.5k, and is moderately dark, set in the kind of place where the old bloody fairytales were told. It's not a fairytale story as such, though it is about a fairy-hunter.

"Gone to Brambles" is 5.3k, and needs help with figuring out how to trim it down better. A little nearer to comedy than the first, though it's not exactly a fluffy story. It's about witches, trains, blackberries, and time.

I'm willing to do a story-swap (or "first three chapters/50 pages" kind of thing) with anyone who's also looking for a beta, if that'd help. PM me or ping me here, and I can get the stories sent along in your format o' choice right away.