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02-13-2010, 02:09 PM
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Anyone out there particularly familliar with, or able to dierect me to any good information resources on, the South Vietnamese Marine Corps? I've found some good general info online and in a few books (Clancy's "Battle Ready" has some great anechdotes from Anthony Zinni's tour with them).

It seems like a fascinating story. From what I've learned, the USMC basicaly fostered it, being extensively involved in it's formation and providing advisors down to the batallion level throughout it's existance. As I understand it, only a few survived and escaped the fall of the south in '75, but I'll bet there are some interesting stories there. I'd like to learn more.

Also, I'm curious...is that the sort of job a US Marine offcier could have stayed in? I mean, if he really liked the work and country, married a local woman and started a family? From what I've seen, we worked with them from the mid-50s right up to the fall, which would span a pretty good military career. I know ambitious officers need to move around and punch tickets for advancement, but could you stay in one group like that long term if you were valuable there and preferred to or would they make you go elsewhere?

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03-13-2010, 08:57 AM
Perusing the boards and found your post - this gives quite a bit of information on the VNMC


and includes several other sources at the end of the article which may be helpful.