View Full Version : elementary school valentine vent...

02-13-2010, 12:11 AM
Okay, to the other AW parents of elementary school kids...

WTF is up with Valentine's Day? Or just school parties in general???

I busted arse to get everything ready to send into the two classes. You know what happened? They said they had "too much" stuff and therefore didn't touch the fruit trays I put together yesterday. I thought it would be really cool because I made the with all red fruits, etc., and bought special containers, etc.

Top it off, the kids are home clutching their stomachs over all the sugar they ate instead of the fruit.

Add to that the fact my one son didn't get his valetines to deliver because my husband pulled a totally clueless human trick and drove off without giving them to him....


Can't wait for the next party... I'm sure it will be on par with all the parties so far where Murphy/Sod's Law have been in full effect. With me going nuts trying to make sure the kids have a good day only to find one or more of them ended up with the short end of the stick anyway.

Do any of you other AW parents have bad school party karma like me? I'm seriously starting to feel jinxed.

02-13-2010, 03:13 AM
I'm not a parent but I remember being a kid. Seemed like something was always being forgotten. Miscount for how many cards were needed-even if the kid sits next to you, you can still forget. Being the one 'left out' by someone else. Too many of the treat no-one wanted or too little of the one everyone did...