View Full Version : My gaming schedule.

02-09-2010, 09:50 AM
I grabbed up World in Conflict: Gold Edition, Company of Heroes: Gold Edition, and I intend to snap up the Stronghold: Collection once I can find a digital version. Also playing Supreme Commander and its expansion.

Gotta say, WiC can be pretty intense for so few controllable units. The battle for Pine Valley drained me. (Mentally)

After I'm done with those, I'm heading off to play Diablo, Diablo 2 (+expansion) Spellforce 1 and 2, The Witcher, and Titan Quest, and its expansion Immortal Throne. I'm also simultaneously taking care of my DAO and ME2 games. Gotta level my chars in DDO and WoW before Cataclysm, there's also that one I'm to be testing... There's also Battle.net and I'm considering going back to Drakensang. Also replaying Darksiders and Assassin's Creed II.
Well...at least I'm not going to be lacking for activites while I wait for the 2010 games...