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02-07-2010, 11:05 PM
How realistic is this?

In an American city of roughly a million and a half souls (rather densely packed due to circumstances that aren't germane to this question), the city fathers have for a generation or more been spending money on "high scale" stuff to increase the city's prestige in hopes of attracting more businesses as well as tourists. Thus they've funded a sports stadium, a convention center, a revamp of a large city park, etc. Other local services have suffered somewhat and have had to "make do."

One compromise is the city morgue. The original building is simply not large or advanced enough to meet the city's needs. So instead of upgrading the old one or constructing a new one, the work is hired out to private contractors--specifically, parts of the morgues of some hospitals win the bid to serve as the city morgue for certain areas. City officials work there and are paid by the city, which in turn is renting some of the hospital's facilities long-term.

Does this sound at all feasible or realistic? I'm not unduly concerned with whether it has been done, but whether it sounds like a policy somebody somewhere might do.

The city in question is in California.

Thanks in advance!