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01-30-2010, 04:26 AM
This is a thread for people who have beaten Mass Effect 1 and 2. If you haven't played either, GTFO, buy them, play them. Naaaooo!

Okay, are they gone? Good, we can begin.

I have a theory.

Let us start with what we know.

Saren found Sovereign (or Sov, for short) and Sov is a Reaper. Saren realized what Sov and the Reapers represent thinks that if he can prove that organic life could be useful, then the Reapers might spare some of them.

You stop Saren, stop Sov, and save the galaxy.


There are countless other Reapers slowly approaching from the darkness around the galaxy.

The Collectors are a race of buglike beings that...collect things. Technology, biology, and now, entire human colonies. They start doing it right after Shep blew up Sov.

Collectors are actually Protheans, re-purposed by the Reaper Harbinger (or Harb for short) to serve as secondary spies/sampling devices. Sov, as powerful as he was, is but one ship...and a galaxy is LARGE. With the Collectors, Harb could figure the technology and biology of many races.

Now, this tells us that Saren was EVEN MORE of a dupe than we thought he was: Sov needed no PROOF that biological lifeforms could be useful! He and his kind had been using Collectors for 50,000 YEARS!

Okay, so, Shep and company track down Harb's Collector Base. They find the Reaper Larva, which means we now know WHAT the Reapers are doing every time they sweep through the galaxy.

They are REPRODUCING! Taking races and turning them into Reapers, and using whatever technology they have invented.

Humans proved to be more dangerous than the Reapers expected, and so they use Collectors to slowly gather up enough humans to make a human Reaper to use that potential that Sov found (the hard way).

Harb, near the end, shouts something about how the Reapers are the only thing standing between the galaxy and an even worse threat.


We come to my personal theory.

The Reapers don't just grab stuff for the fun of it, or even just to reproduce.

The Reapers grab civilizations every 50-60,000 years to PRESERVE them.

Thinkabout it. Reapers are many minds, many people, forged into one gigantanormous ship. One body, many minds. We are all one nation, as Sov says.

Each Reaper is a civilization or a sizable hunk of one! The reaper larva would have been finished by the Collectors hitting Earth and the rest of our colonies.

They are preserving galactic societies.

The only question is...from what?

Thoughts? Comments? Tomatoes?

01-31-2010, 06:55 AM
Civilizations can rise and die out. From natural causes or from war. Many think humans may wipe themselves out some day. The Reapers probably preserve civilizations this way so that, through the ages, the species or at least the essence of the species will remain.

And I don't see why this all couldn't go into the main Mass effect 2 topic, but w/e >_>

01-31-2010, 07:01 AM
Well, I didn't want to make that main topic a minefield of spoilers.