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01-17-2010, 11:43 PM
Witches, vampires, and curses, oh my!

Wane (75,000 words) is a YA urban fantasy novel about a teen boy, aptly named Keith Luckless, who accidentally burns his house down while cooking pancakes. As a result, he goes to live with his grandparents in the small town of Chester, Virginia. He hates their drafty, creepy house, and thinks he is seeing the ghost of a young girl about his age

After a terrible first day, he believes that his bad luck will never subside. That changes when he meets Holly Urchin, a nerdy outcast, whom students call "witch girl". After much bonding, she confesses her true psychic nature- and Keith accepts her for who she is.

Lane Belmonte, principal of Chester High (and also a vampire) begins dating Keith's mother, and he has a vendetta against the Luckless family. Luckily, Keith and and Holly befriend a good vampire-Jack Gunlan, who saves them from a pair of violent bullies one cold night. Jack has a shadowy past and a dark disposition, but truly has a heart of gold buried deep down with his other secrets.

Keith and Holly gradually uncover that heart throughout the course of the story, and do what no other mortal has done before: they actually listen to his tragic tale. He was in love with Keith's great aunt Riley, the ghost whom Keith has seen.

The murders start up again, and the three friends must face down a gang of vampire bikers led by Lestor Belmonte, son of the principal.

Wane provides an interesting twist to the recent vampire-related craze. It combines heartache with revenge, action, witchcraft, family ties, and the meaning of friendship.

Please PM me if you are interested, or simply reply to this thread if you have any questions. I may even be willing to pay if I get a book deal.

Thank you!!!!