01-16-2010, 02:43 PM
The braces came off last week, and I had oral surgery right after, and today, the final stitches have come out. I have to wear a retainer but its easy pancakes compared to braces, cause I can take it off when I'm gonna eat.

Also, my retainer is one of those form fitting plastic ones that are pretty much invisible. Shockingly comfortable.


I have but one thing to say...



To any AWers with braces, I put out my heart felt condolences.

Also, nyah nyah, mine are off now, ahaahahahaha!

01-16-2010, 03:27 PM

01-16-2010, 03:51 PM

01-16-2010, 03:54 PM
Hooray!! Nothing quite like getting rid of those bastards. I had mine for 2 years, which was about 729 days too many.

Enjoy the new freedom! :D

01-16-2010, 05:12 PM
You're very brave, Zoombie. I need a general anaesthetic to get a check-up after a succession of dentists who trained up Laurence Olivier for that scene in Marathon Man.

HOORAY for you! :partyguy:

Brutal Mustang
01-16-2010, 06:01 PM
Congrats! I can't fathom what it would be like wearing braces. Must be terrible!

01-16-2010, 06:29 PM
Yay! :D

Leah J. Utas
01-16-2010, 06:31 PM
Yay! Been there. Totally get the feeling. Wore the retainer all day and night for three months then at night for a year. Breezy.

01-16-2010, 06:32 PM
Congrats on the great feeling!

01-16-2010, 06:34 PM
Congrats 'n way2go, Zoombie! Here's :Cake: for ya!

01-16-2010, 06:39 PM
Congrats! But don't end up like me, over time wearing that retainer less and less until you stop wearing it altogether, then the teeth move and have to get braces again. The second time around, the orthodontist put in permanent wire retainers on the backs of my teeth so they won't move, cuz I'm naughty and don't like wearing them.

01-16-2010, 06:40 PM
Damn, I was told that they will put me braces later this year. :(

01-16-2010, 06:42 PM
Woo hoo! I remember that freedom. My teeth looked huge when I saw them without the braces for the first time. :D

Don't forget to wear the retainer for as long as you have to! I wore mine diligently for three weeks, and when I went back to the orthodontist my teeth had moved back again because I was supposed to wear them for three months. :( The orthodontist said it was vain of me to want them straight, and I should just get used to them. If I hadn't been so young and rubbish, I would have told him that if I didn't care what my teeth looked like, I wouldn't have been metal mouth for the past four years, and I hadn't misheard or ignored him, he'd said "weeks"; I wasn't some bubblehead but someone who took everything very seriously and had definitely paid attention, and did he care to repeat everything he'd just said in front of my parent? Anyway, wear your retainer. :D

01-16-2010, 06:59 PM
The orthodontist said it was vain of me to want them straight, and I should just get used to them.

Hooray! Let's do that and put all orthodontists out of a job. Him first. :evil

01-16-2010, 07:06 PM
I will not contribute post-orthodontic horror stories...
I will not contribute post-orthodontic horror stories...
I will not contribute post-orthodontic horror stories...

01-16-2010, 07:11 PM
Woot woot! :D

Jersey Chick
01-16-2010, 07:44 PM
Congratulations! I wore braces in my early 20s and remember how nice it was to get them off.

**also will not contribute post-orthodontic horror stories**

01-16-2010, 07:51 PM
I had braces in 2nd and 6th grade. I'm so happy I don't have them in high school.

01-16-2010, 07:52 PM
I had braces in High School. Totally screwed up my entire self-image. So much so that I still don't show teeth when I smile and turn my head away when I'm talking.

01-16-2010, 07:55 PM
I have naturally perfectly straight teeth. Feel free to hate me.

01-16-2010, 07:57 PM
My teeth were straight, but I had an underbite that my parents felt needed taking care of.

Jersey Chick
01-16-2010, 08:00 PM
Mine didn't bother me - they were clear. They cost a bundle, though. :D

01-16-2010, 08:07 PM
I thought this was a tribute to William Wallace thread.....*shrug*

Anyway, CONGRATS, Zoombie!

I was just reminded recently of my ordeal with braces. I was a teenager--don't really remember how old...

Although my teeth have always been straight, I was born with a big gap between my two front teeth. (people thought I'd lost a tooth there, but really!? Who has ONE tooth front and center in their mouth? idiots.)

But then my baby bicuspids wouldn't come loose and the orthodontist, who's name was Dr. Sume (Sue-mee, no joke), said if they didn't pull them, the mature teeth would rot then I would be left with 3 huge gaps. The gap went away too though...

They pulled the baby teeth, put silver-colored braces on me, attached gold chains to the mature teeth up in the gums and pulled them down over the course of a year or so. Don't forget the colorful rubber bands.

I was so hot...

01-16-2010, 08:33 PM
Congrats Zoomb.

Now all you have left are the corrective glasses for your lazy eye, the scalp cream, and the orthopedic shoes. Get rid of those, and you'll finally be a real boy!

01-16-2010, 11:31 PM

I haven't been to a dentist in 20 years. I fear I will need to get braces the next time I go.

01-17-2010, 02:23 AM
I have naturally perfectly straight teeth. Feel free to hate me.

You mean hate you more?

01-17-2010, 02:33 AM
You mean hate you more?

Take comfort in the fact that there are no limits to how much you can hate me. It's like...a big black pit.

Plot Device
01-17-2010, 02:36 AM
#1) Congrats! :)

#2) Don't.


The Retainer. :Lecture:

Many times I took out my retainer to eat at a restaurant, and I "politely" wrapped it in a napkin and set it aside so my dining companions would not have to see the spit-covered thing. And then the napkin wound up in the trash. And two hours later I'd be out back behind the restaurant digging through the dumpster for it.


01-17-2010, 02:40 AM
Teeth are so overrated.

01-17-2010, 06:01 AM
And so, I hope none of the orthodonists I know read the book I'm working on.

The first case of my magical detective is to take down a Gloat - a magical healer gone wrong - named Dr. Stineman. He was an orthodontist, and now he tortures people to death, primarily attacking the jaw and teeth.

Its gonna be really gruesome. :D

01-17-2010, 06:02 AM
So glad for you! The fact that the metal bastards were holding my teeth hostage was the only reason I didn't punched 'em every time I cut myself.

01-17-2010, 06:07 AM
Oh yeah, but now whenever I want to quickly scratch an itch on my arm or hand, I have to remind myself that my teeth are no longer capable of scratching the itch.