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01-13-2010, 04:18 AM
Heyo, this is Zoombie, once again looking for betas for my fantasy novel, The Cold King.

Here is the plot summery.

Conrad Kaksonen is the bastard son of Emperor Bornhold, who conquered the Horse-Clans and created the Empire. Unfortunately, Bornhold was betrayed by his nobility and died after only two decades of rule. His sons were murdered and the nobility - the Furste - took over their own little fiefdoms. But...there was one son the Furste did not know about:

Kaksonen. Sired a mere week before Bornhold's assassination, Kaksonen

was raised in the cold Northern villages, growing up unaware that he was

anyone important. That is, until Aatvan - the emperor's former 'fateweaver'

(a kind of magician that alters fate and sorta predicts the future) - arrived

at his village. Aatvan takes Kaksonen away, as he sees that the future

needs an Empire for some vaguely defined reason. And so, he and

Kaksonen head off to the only Furste who wasn't behind assassinating the

Emperor in the hopes that Kaksonen can begin the monumental task of

re-knitting the Empire together.

There is only one problem.

Kaksonen is a psychopath. Nearly emotionless and with a constant desire

to kill, Kaksonen is also a genius, mater manipulator, and incredibly fast

learner. Kaksonen goes with Aatvan not because he wishes to see the

Empire returned (and peace restored, as the Furste have spent the last

twenty years fighting one another in constant wars). No, he just wants

power and the freedom to enjoy his 'special tastes.'

This is the first book of the trilogy, concerning Kaksonen's rise to power in

the human lands and the establishment of the Big Bad Evil he has to fight

(an army of GIANT BUGS!) in later books. Its also different from my regular

writing. For one, its serious. For another, its fantasy rather than sci-fi. And

for a third thing, I tried to make a rather...evil character and still have him

be likable...or at least interesting enough to keep you reading.

Sooo, um, if you're interested, just gimmie your E-mails and I'll E-mail it to you!