View Full Version : Cute book: Mrs. Ballard's Parrots

08-02-2005, 10:10 PM
My husband surprised me with the coolest gift--a copy of Mrs. Ballard's Parrots by Arne Svenson. I vaguely remember seeing Alba Ballard and her dressed-up parrots appearing on David Letterman a few times back in the eighties. Really cute.

She and her husband kept several species of parrots and enjoyed photographing them in various settings. Mrs. Ballard created all sorts of costumes for the birds and her husband built the sets. Everything was based on popular movies, television commercials, and plays. There is even a really cute series of photos of a Mitred conure and a White-bellied caique portraying General Patton and a soldier!

They also took the birds to various charity events and fund raisers. After Mrs. Ballard's death following a stroke in July, 1994, the parrots retired. This book is a collection of photos of the costumed parrots with the props and sets.

Normally I don't care to see animals dressed up and I don't think the animals enjoy it much, either. However, Mrs. Ballard's parrots look like they are having fun! You can see it in their faces and posture. An angry parrot is an uncooperative parrot, and none of the birds in the book look stressed.

I do know that one of my parrots (the one under my user name) will wear little hats and he has fun with them. In fact, sometimes when I'm putting treats in his cage, he'll rush over and stick his head under them and then sit very still with them balanced on his head. lol

I thought I'd mention this book in case someone might enjoy looking it up. Do any of you have animal book recommendations that you would enjoy sharing? I'm always looking for new bird/animal books.