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Southern Girl
01-08-2010, 11:15 PM
It's so odd to have a book on submission. The seasons change, months pass (especially during the holidays when everything is on warp speed), and time marches over held breath. All the while, I have a book with two agents, both dream agents in my world, and I don't know if either is even remotely an option.

I've had more rejections than I'm willing to admit to - it's in the very high numbers. Without these two possibilities, I would've trunked my book just from the lack of enthusiasm from the dozens and dozens of non-taking agents. As it is, I'm still wondering if trunking is the way to go. It feels like an open sore, a door still wide open. Bugging the heck out of me - I just want some closure for this book. But I hang in the balance, waiting on these last two (or first two, if you look at it another way) agents.

I've all but quit querying for this work. After this many rejections, it feels like time to either dump it, or completely rework it (which I plan to do at some point - I love the story). Yet, I don't feel comfortable moving in any direction until I've heard something. And not moving is just that - not moving. It's the most nervewracking thing I've ever experienced.

One full is out now for just over two months, and I'm developing a fun friendship with the agent considering my work. Thing is, I don't see her liking what I've written. Our tastes are oddly different, and I'm almost certain that she will pass on my book...and I'd absolutely love to work with her because we get along so well. I can't help but hope she wants me. But it's a foolish hope, in reality. I don't write chick-lit, nor YA. Yet, somehow, this agent requested my full from a terribly written query. It boggles my mind, and is screwing with my emotions.

One of the first queries I sent out was to a huge reputable agent who just this week is sitting down with my partial. I'm thrilled...I'm scared. She does rep what I write, and she is THE big leagues. I'm dying to name drop her to everyone I know, just to brag about the fact that I'm on her radar (which I won't do, but still, so tempting to my ego). But it's taken so entirely long just to get my partial in her hands, after sitting there for four months in her office. If she requests my full it will be such a long time before I hear back, I'm sure. Worth it if she takes me on as a client....agonizing if she doesn't. A million questions come to mind: am I blowing my only chance with her? Will my next project make it this far with her? Will R'ing me once taint any future possibilities? Will she like the story but not the way I've told it? Is there any way to know, so I can be furiously reworking it in case she gives me the opportunity to resubmit? ......

I'm in limbo. Working on another project, but I want this one to be much stronger than the last. Dying for feedback from an agent who has finally read my work, just to know what I need to fix to help my chances, or what mistakes I can learn from it if it's time to trunk.

Limbo, limbo, limbo...hoping to hear from others in the same situation.

J. Koyanagi
01-08-2010, 11:29 PM
Crossing my fingers for you. I'm not in your position, as I've only just started querying this week, but I can imagine being in your shoes and agonizing just the same.

Are you working on your next novel? It can help take the edge off.

Edit: Sorry, somehow I missed the paragraph where you said you're working on another project. Sending you agent-getting vibes!

01-08-2010, 11:38 PM
Just keep working on your next novel. It's the only thing that's helping me not go crazy during this whole process.

01-08-2010, 11:59 PM
good luck. keep working.

01-09-2010, 12:00 AM
Good luck, Southern Girl, and don't give up :)

Southern Girl
01-09-2010, 01:40 AM
Lol, thanks everyone. :)

01-09-2010, 01:52 AM
Best of luck, SG. I too have a book out at an agent. Afraid to ask if she's forgotten the book or just forgotten to send a rejection. In any case I am going ahead and working on reworking the story. It's quite different and I'm enjoying the process.

I think it's neat that you've developed a good relationship with an agent. I've been afraid to even make contact. :)

My submission hasn't been out four months so you've given me some hope.

Wish you well.

01-09-2010, 05:13 AM
Don't let those subs distract you from writing something new, keeping your mind off it. It will drive you over the edge if you let it. I've been there more times than I'd like to admit.