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Xavier Kobel
08-02-2005, 11:07 AM
Not sure if this is the proper forum for this issue. Of the forums listed I am directed back.

I have considered entering the 3 day novel challenge I found as a link from AW.

I can't believe I am considering entering the 3 day Novel contest. It may be that I am disturbed, but I actually think this will be a fun experience....
Fun? I can't think of ANY other activity paid, or volunteer that I could ever imagine participating for 72 hours straight. Fun! Maybe I should start thumbing the yellow pages for a good psychologist now.

I'm shaking my head in utter disbelief; I really do think it will be fun.

But geeze a nay sayer has caused me to rethink entering. I have been corresponding regularly with a published author who cautioned me against entering. Because any novel written in three days will be of low quality, and readership will suffer as a result. He says if I am trying to build a professional writing career (I am) I don't want any weak material out there.

Originally my intent was to finally complete a funny book I have been wanting to collaborate with my wife on for over a decade. This 3 day contest seems the perfect opportunity to yank this book out of limbo.

At first my thinking was, this would serve more as whim, than become a milestone in my writing career. Because after all, funny doesn't make it to the best sellers list. I am editing my first novel which is designed to achieve the milestone goal. And I have 21 more ideas waiting up my sleeve to develop. I posted the prologue and first three chapters online at a writing community for review while I edit. To date it has 232 viewers and of those that have rated it consistently scores 4 to 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I would like to solicit some feedback from others on this weak material subject my author friend has said.

On one hand I think the contest will be a hoot for my wife and myself. We will finally set aside the time to bang this work into existence.

On the other hand, should I worry the weak material issue will be a detriment for my potential writing career?

I wouldn't want someone picking up the novel I am currently editing and say, "I read another work by this dude that looks as if it were written IN 3 DAYS."

All this is assuming I take top prize of course. There are other entrants. Curses, there are other contestants!

If not then I'm just out the entrance fee and left with a great start to further develop.
What a conundrum!

Any feedback will be appreciated.

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08-03-2005, 05:34 AM
I may not be the best source of advice given that I'm a novice, but if you're worried about publishing a low quality book why don't you just set this as a challenge for yourself, sort of like playing along at home on Jeapordy. You follow the guidelines of the contest, write the novel in three days, and then don't submit it. Keep it for a while, and then read it to find out how you did. JMO.

Xavier Kobel
08-03-2005, 11:06 AM
Alanna, your suggestion of writing the work in the same timeline without entering the contest mirrors that of my Author friend.

In response, playing devils advocate, I said there is allot of hoops to jump through with agents and publishers going the traditional route. Probably more so with a book of a humourous nature, as it seems funny doesn't make the best sellers list.

My thought is this could all be avoided by winning the contest. Again, winning is a huge assumption, as there are veteran contestants re-entering according the the 3 day novel message board.

If the book tickles the collective judges fancy, boom, it wins top prize; publication. Hoops and red tape effectively avoided!

I've gotten some idea that a book can potentially do well no matter if it is published by a large or small publisher. Doing well depends on the authors willingness to promote it. So naturally my plan is to promote anything published as much as possible.

But his words of caution about weak material being a possible detriment to my fledgling writing career has me raising an eyebrow. Don't want to kill my baby!

Alanna, I do appreciate your response. It is a alternative, thanks.

AKA: Xavier Kobel